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Frontline Learning is focused on providing corporations, government, employers and individuals a learning solution to meet the needs of workplace safety, travel safety and country awareness skills through the application of technology, on-line facilitation and collaboration.

The delivery of these programs are via Internet-based technology that supports and enables organizations to deliver training in a cost effective, flexible and consistent way.

Frontline Learning is a response to pressing educational challenges facing today’s corporations and government. In particular, there is a need to deliver training and orientation necessary to facilitate peak performance and safety in the workplace. Today’s corporate education and safety requirements far exceed old expectations and as such the need to deliver corporate learning on-time, in context and as needed has become paramount.

“Workers must be equipped …with technical know-how, …the ability to create, analyze, and transform information and to interact effectively with others …learning will increasingly be a lifelong activity.”

Alan Greenspan - Chairman, US Federal Reserve Board

According to Training Magazine, corporations save between 50% to 70% when they replace instructor-led training with alternative electronic delivery. Housing and travel costs account for the majority of the savings. Lost productivity and revenue can actually be higher if you consider that classroom days include not only travel time, but also total time away from the office.
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